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Coordinates: 37°00′05″N 59°45′27″E / 37.00139°N 59.75750°E / 37.00139; 59.75750 Kalat-e Naderi (Persian: کلات نادری‎‎) is a massive natural fortress located about 44 miles north of Sousia, in Kalat County, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran.[1]

...I visited the extraordinary natural fortress of Kalat-i-nadiri and climbed its northern wall, which is one of the mountains in this range. From the crest I looked across the yellow plain, stretching northwards in level monotony, and was struck by its immensity....

Percy Sykes, A History of Persia, 1921[2]

It is essentially a massive plateau about 4 miles in circumference that has been used as a fortress since before the Achaemenid era. It is surrounded on 3 sides by high cliff walls ranging from 1500 feet on the south side to 2000 feet on the west side with lower eastern walls and a gently sloping plain leading up to the heights from the north.

It is famous as the only fortress ever to withstand a siege by Tamerlane.

Alexander the Great's army laid siege to it. While Alexander left to deal with a rebellious Persian chieftain, he ordered Craterus to command the majority of the army and take the fortress.

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