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View of Nea Kallikrateia
View of Nea Kallikrateia
Kallikrateia is located in Greece
Coordinates: 40°19′N 23°04′E / 40.317°N 23.067°E / 40.317; 23.067Coordinates: 40°19′N 23°04′E / 40.317°N 23.067°E / 40.317; 23.067
Country Greece
Administrative region Central Macedonia
Regional unit Chalkidiki
Municipality Nea Propontida
 • Municipal unit 108.9 km2 (42.0 sq mi)
Elevation 20 m (70 ft)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Municipal unit 11,571
 • Municipal unit density 110/km2 (280/sq mi)
 • Population 7,238 (2011)
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Postal code 63080
Area code(s) 2399
Vehicle registration ΧΚx-xxxx
Website http://www.kallikrateia.gr

Kallikrateia (Greek: Καλλικράτεια) is a municipal unit in Chalkidiki, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality of Nea Propontida, before which it was a municipality with its seat in the town Nea Kallikrateia.[2] The municipal unit has an area of 108.894 km2.[3] According to the census of 2011, it has a population of 11,571 people. Nea Kallikrateia was established after the refugee crisis in 1922, mainly by the residents who came from Kallikrateia in Eastern Thrace and set up in the area, where the metohi of the Xenofontos Monastery of Mount Athos existed and it was called “Stomion”. Many testimonies report that it was inhabited by the prehistoric years; however, they are not confirmed.


The municipal unit of Kallikrateia consists of the communities of Agios Pavlos, Lakkoma, Nea Gonia, Nea Kallikrateia and Nea Silata.


External links[edit]

Kallikrateia.gr, a news portal based in Nea Kallikrateia: [1] (Greek)