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Kalulushi is a town in the Copperbelt Province in north central Zambia. Municipal (district) population 75,806 at the 2000 Census. There is a famous story of the origin of the name Kalulushi. The story goes like this. Two gentlemen went hunting for rabbits. Rabbits, in Zambia's main local language, are referred to as "kalulu." During their hunt they eventually spotted one rabbit. One of the gentlemen in excitement called out "kalulu!". The other gentlemen quietly told his friend, "shhhh" in order to avoid alarming the rabbit and prevent the rabbit from running away. So that's how the name Kalulushi came about. And so the story goes. Kalulushi was established in 1953 as a company town for workers at the nearby Chibuluma copper and cobalt mine, and it became a public town in 1958. It is located 14 km (9 mi) west of Kitwe, the nearest rail station, at an altitude of 1,260 m (4,130 ft). The city's major employer is Chambishi metals. The Chati Forest Reserve west of the city manages large plantations of eucalyptus, tropical pine, and other exotic tree species supplying wood for the mining industry. The Woods are also supplied to ZESCO an electricity company.

Features in Kalulushi[edit]

Kalulushi has the second of the two independence stadiums in Zambia and boasts of a unique roundabout which has five (5) roads connecting to it. The town is home to Chibuluma Rugby Club and Kalulushi Mondern Stars FC both playing in the country's top flight leagues in rugby and football respectively

  • Kalulushi trust school- edited by gift kaoma
  • Chavuma high school- edited by gift kaoma
  • Kalulushi high school - edited by gift kaoma
  • Mitobo basic school- edited by gift kaoma
  • Lubuto Basic School- edited by gift kaoma
  • Masamba Basic School- edited by gift kaoma
  • Mitobo Basic School - edited by gift kaoma
  • Kankonshi secondary school - edited by gift kaoma
  • St. Marcellins secondary school - edited by gift kaoma

Coordinates: 12°50′S 28°05′E / 12.833°S 28.083°E / -12.833; 28.083