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The Kamerun People's Party (KPP) was a political party in British Cameroons.


The KPP was established as a breakaway from the Kamerun National Congress (KNC), when a faction led by Nerius Mbile, P. M. Kale, and Motomby-Woleta disagreed with KNC leader E. M. L. Endeley's decision to demand autonomy from the National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons.[1]

The KPP received 20% of the vote in the 1957 parliamentary elections, winning two of the 13 seats.[2] The 1959 elections saw the KPP run in an alliance with the Kamerun National Congress (KNC). The alliance received 37% of the vote, winning 12 of the 26 seats, of which the KPP took four.[3] However, the KNDP won the elections with 14 seats.

The KPP and KNC merged in 1960 to form the Cameroon People's National Convention.[1]


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