Kamimizo Station

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Kamimizo Station
Kamimizo sta.jpg
Location Kamimizo 7-chome 19-23, Chūō, Sagamihara, Kanagawa
Operated by JR East
Line(s) Sagami Line
  • Bus stop
Opened 1931
Previous names Sagami-Yokoyama; Hon-Kamimizo (until 1944)
Passengers (2008) 5,728 daily

Kamimizo Station (上溝駅?, Kamimizo-eki) is a train station in the city of Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. It is 26.9 rail kilometers from the terminal station of the Sagami Line, Chigasaki.  The station serves traffic to four schools. They are Kamimizo Middle School (operated by the city) and three prefectural high schools: Kamimizo, Sagamitana and Sagamihara. Also nearby are a Daiei supermarket and a swimming pool, which the U.S. team used to practice for the 2006 FINA Synchronised Swimming World Cup (hosted in Yokohama).


Kamimizo Station was scheduled to be opened as a station on the Sagami Railway in June 1927, but work was suspended due to lack of funds. On April 29, 1931, the Sagami Line was extended from Atsugi to Hashimoto, at which time the station was finally completed as Sagami-Yokoyama Station (相模横山駅?, Sagami-Yokoyama-eki). On November 7, 1935, the station name was changed to Hon-Kamimizo (本上溝?, Honkamimizo-eki). On June 1, 1944, the Sagami Railway was nationalized and merged with the Japan National Railways, at which time the station received its current name. Scheduled freight services were discontinued from 1962. On April 1, 1987, with the dissolution and privatization of the Japan National Railways, the station came under the operation of JR East. The station building was complexly rebuilt in 1991. Automated turnstiles using the Suica IC card system came into operation from November 2001.


Kamimizo Station is served by the following line:

Station layout[edit]

Kamimizo has a single side platform facing one track. The track is elevated above ground level, and the station building lies below the track. Directly operated by the railway company, the station features a Midori no Madoguchi ticket-service window. It also has machines for selling and collecting tickets, and for fare adjustment. Additional facilities include an elevator, an escalator, a multipurpose toilet, beverage vending machines, and public telephones. Kamimizo also has a bus center. Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu operates buses that stop at the station's six bus platforms.

Adjacent stations[edit]

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This article incorporates material translated from 上溝駅 (Kamimizo-eki) and other articles in the Japanese Wikipedia, retrieved on July 5, 2008.

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