Kampong Phluk

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Kampong Phluk
Houses on the water in Kampong Phlouk
Houses on the water in Kampong Phlouk
Kampong Phluk is located in Cambodia
Kampong Phluk
Kampong Phluk
Coordinates: 13°12′32″N 103°58′25″E / 13.209°N 103.9736°E / 13.209; 103.9736Coordinates: 13°12′32″N 103°58′25″E / 13.209°N 103.9736°E / 13.209; 103.9736
Country Cambodia
ProvinceSiem Reap Province
DistrictPrasat Bakong District
 • Total3,707

Kampong Phluk (Khmer: កំពង់ភ្លុក) is a commune in Prasat Bakong District in Siem Reap Province Cambodia. The name means "Harbor of the Tusks". The community largely depends on fishing for survival, primarily shrimp,[1] spending Cambodia's wet season (May-October) fishing.

Many houses and buildings are constructed on stilts ranging from 6 m to 9 m to accommodate the changes in water level between wet and dry seasons.[1]

How pupils go to school in Kampung Phluk

During the dry season (November-April) as the river thins due to receding water, many turn to farming to supplement their income. Tourism, which started in the village approximately 10 years ago, is also a growing part of the local economy.

As of 2019, the commune has 911 families with a total population of 3,707. The commune consist of three villages: Tnaot Kambot (ត្នោតកំបុត), Dey Krahom (ដីក្រហម), and Kok Kdol (គោគក្ដុល).



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