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Kanchira is the name of biggest and densely populated village of Saptary District of Nepal. This village lies in the Banarjhula village Development Community. This village has one High School, two primary schools and one 'Madrasah' which is Islamic primary education school, one health post, one postal office and one women and disabled children training center which is run by Environmental Development Forum.[1]

Environmental Development Forum[edit]

Everest Development Form (EDF) which is also called 'Sagarmatha Bikash Manch'. This organisation started a buffalo program. In this program 55 farmers involved. In the terms of this Program, we are giving buffaloes who deserve, basically farmers who are economically very weak are supported in this program, without taking any kind of deposits, but in order [clarification needed] to get buffalo, they have to follow certain rules, like after one year or two year, let's say when the buffalo gives new calves after certain time, and then when mutually we are agreeing to sell then we are dividing the profit as equal partnership, and then we are buying again new buffalo from the cost price, and this process goes on and on, But to give more benefit to the farmers we are providing one veterinary doctors and medicines which is free of charge. This program became so successful since two years and still more farmers like to join. In this past two years we are able to buy new buffaloes from our own profit.

We are cooperating and our program is supported by Namaste e.V, Kiel, Germany.[2]