Kang Yong-suk

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Kang Yong-suk
Personal details
Born (1969-12-03) 3 December 1969 (age 47)
Jung-gu, Seoul
South Korea
Nationality South Korean
Political party Independent
Alma mater Seoul National University
Harvard Law School
Profession lawyer, politician
Website Official Twitter account
Korean name
Hangul 걍용석
Revised Romanization Gang Yongseok
McCune–Reischauer Kang Yongsŏk

Kang Yong-suk (born December 3, 1969) is a South Korean lawyer and a current non-partisan politician. He is known for expulsion from the Grand National Party due to his negative sexual remarks on women. He is also known for his antics against Ahn Cheol-Soo's political endeavors.[1]



Announcer insult[edit]

Kang had desecrated Announcer during a student dinner at Yonsei University on July 20, 2010. This has caused a mass legal action against him. He was later expelled from the Grand National Party in September 2010.[2]

Election Problems[edit]

He is involved in spreading a negative impression against a non-partisan candidate for Mayor of Seoul, Park Won-soon, based on a false allegation that Park forged his Harvard Law School degree.[3] This is to support the Grand National Party candidate, Na Kyung-won, the counterpart of Park.

Suing Choi Hyo-jong[edit]

He later sued South Korean comedian Choi Hyo-jong for "disrespecting the National Assembly" in a skit in Gag Concert. Chung Doo-un protested against Kang's decision "that could potentially undermine the ruling Grand National Party".[4] Comedian Kim Won-hyo protested against Kang's action on his Twitter account with a humorous remark.[5]

The comedians of the Gag Concert dedicated the November 27th, 2011 episode to lampoon Kang Yong-suk's action of suing Choi Hyo-jong.[6]

Retirement to TV show

he did many TV entertainment show kangjuk-dul(TV Chosun), The Genius(Tvn),Ssul-jeon(Jtbc). but after his immoral relation scandal, he retired all of TV show what he did.[7]


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