Kangal Harinath

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Kangal Harinath
Native name কাঙ্গাল হরিনাথ
Born Harinath Majumdar
Kumarkhali village, Kushtia District, Bengal Presidency, British India
Died 16 April 1896(1896-04-16) (aged 63)
Other names Kangal Fikir Chand, Fikir Chand Baul

Harinath Majumdar (c. 1833 – 16 April 1896), better known as Kangal Harinath, was a Bengali journalist, poet and Baul singer.[1]

Early life and career[edit]

Harinath was born in Kumarkhali village, Kushtia District, now in Bangladesh.[2] He took up journalism to promote the cause of the poor and oppressed.[3] He started writing in the Sangbad Prabhakar and in 1863 started publishing a journal, Gram Barta Prokashika. The journal was funded by Swarnakumari Devi.[1] In 1873 Harinath set up a printing press for printing this journal.

He was a disciple of Lalon Shah. He established a Baul group named Kangal Fakir Chander Dal (Group of the Penniless Fakir Chand) in 1880. His songs had a profound influence on many thinkers of the day, including Rabindranath Tagore and Akshay Kumar Maitreya.[citation needed]

On his death, the Indian Mirror commented "The district of Nuddea has lost one of its great men".[4]

Notable works[edit]

Harinath wrote 18 books. Some of his works are:

  • Bijoy Basanta (1859)
  • Charu-Charitro (1863)
  • Kavita Kaomudi (1866)
  • Okkrur Sangbad (1873)
  • Chittachapala (1876)
  • Kangal-Fakir Chand Fakirer Gitabali (1293-1300 Bengali Year)


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