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Kankuveli is an ancient Tamil village near Trincomalee city. It is located close to Thoppur. It was part of the Jaffna kingdom's Vannimai districts throughout the medieval period, and was part of the Malabar Coylot Wanees Country by the 18th century. Kankuveli is home to a large water reservoir, the Kankuveli Kulam. The 13th century CE Tamil stone inscription in Kankuveli village records the assignment by Vanniar chiefs Malaiyil Vanniyanar and Eluril Atappar of income and other contributions from the rice fields and meadows of the Vannimai districts of the ascending Jaffna kingdom to the Koneswaram shrine.[1]

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  1. ^ Pathmanathan, S. (1978). "The Kingdom of Jaffna". 1. University of London/Colombo : Arul M. Rajendran: 267. OCLC 6530926. Tamil stone inscription inedited on the stone pillar in Kankuveli are grant records made by the chieftain Malaiyil Vanniyanar and the Eluril Atappar (Atappar of the seven villages) to the shrine of Konanayakar of Kona -ma malai.