Kanungu Power Station

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Kanungu Power Station
Kanungu Power Station is located in Uganda
Kanungu Power Station
Location of Kanungu Power Station in Uganda
Country Uganda
Location Kanungu
Coordinates 00°55′50″S 29°43′52″E / 0.93056°S 29.73111°E / -0.93056; 29.73111Coordinates: 00°55′50″S 29°43′52″E / 0.93056°S 29.73111°E / -0.93056; 29.73111
Status Operational
Commission date 18 March 2011
Owner(s) Eco Power (private) Limited
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 6.6 MW (8,900 hp)

Kanungu Power Station is a 6.6 megawatts (8,900 hp) hydroelectric power station in Uganda. In the literature, the power station is sometimes referred to as Ishasha Power Station.[1]


The Power Station is located in Kanyantorogo sub-county in Kanungu District, in southwestern Uganda. This location is near the town of Kanungu, where the district headquarters are located. The approximate road distance of this power station from Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city is approximately 415 kilometres (258 mi).[2]


The Kanungu Power Station was constructed by Eco Power Uganda Limited. The company is a subsidiary of Eco Power (Private) Ltd. - Sri-Lanka Construction of the dam and power plant was completed in March 2011. The power plant was technically commissioned on Friday 18 March 2011. The power generated by this new plant is expected to support development of industries and stimulate other areas of investments in Kanungu and the surrounding rural areas, including parts of neighboring DRC. Political commissioning of the power station was performed on Tuesday 22 November 2011.[3]

Construction costs[edit]

The estimated costs for the dam and power plant is approximately US$14 million. Funding was provided by three Sri-Lankan financial institutions; namely: (a) National Development Bank of Sri-Lanka, (b) Hatton National Bank and (c) Commercial Bank of Sri-Lanka.[4]

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