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This article is about a town in Jordan. For the city in Iran, see Kharameh. For the village in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran, see Karameh, East Azerbaijan. For other uses, see Karameh (disambiguation).
Al-Karameh is located in Jordan
Location in Jordan
Coordinates: 31°57′5.76″N 35°34′48.75″E / 31.9516000°N 35.5802083°E / 31.9516000; 35.5802083Coordinates: 31°57′5.76″N 35°34′48.75″E / 31.9516000°N 35.5802083°E / 31.9516000; 35.5802083
Country  Jordan
Governorate Balqa Governorate
A memorial for all the Jordanian soldiers in al-Karameh.

Al-Karameh (Arabic: الكرامة‎‎), or simply Karameh, is a town in central Jordan, near the Allenby Bridge which spans the Jordan River. The river defines the border between Jordan and the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

Al-Karameh was also the battleground for one of the main events in the history of the Palestinian national movement. In 1968, the city served as the political and military headquarters of the Palestinian Fatah movement led by Yasser Arafat. On 21 March 1968, al-Karameh became the site of the Battle of Karameh.[1]


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