Karl Georg von Raumer

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Karl Georg von Raumer
Erlangen Neustädter Friedhof 032.JPG
Bust of Karl von Raumer in Erlangen

Karl Georg von Raumer (* 9 April 1783 in Wörlitz; † 2 June 1865 in Erlangen) was a German geologist and educator.


Raumer was born in Wörlitz. He was educated at the universities of Göttingen and Halle, and at the mining academy in Freiberg as a student of Abraham Gottlob Werner. In 1811 he became professor of mineralogy at Breslau, and two years later, participated in the German Campaign of 1813. In 1819 he relocated as a professor to the University of Halle, then in 1827 settled at the University of Erlangen as a professor of natural history and mineralogy.[1][2]


  • Geognostische Fragmente (Geognostic fragments, 1811).
  • Der Granit des Riesengebirges (The granite of the Riesengebirge, 1813).
  • Das Gebirge Niederschlesiens, der Grafschaft Glatz und eines Theils von Böhmen und der Oberlausitz (The mountains of Lower Silesia, etc., 1819).
  • A B C Buch der Krystallkunde (ABC's of crystallography, 1817, 1821).
  • Lehrbuch der allgemeinen Geographie (Handbook of general geography, 1832).
  • Kreuzzüge, (Crusades, 1840–64).
  • Geschichte der Pädagogik (A history of pedagogy; 4 volumes, 1846–55). An important book on education which was translated into English; e.g. "German universities : contributions to the history and improvement of the German universities", translation of volume 4 from Raumer's ''Geschichte der Pädagogik.
  • (In English): "Education of girls"; republished from Barnard's American Journal of Education, for March and June, 1861.[3]
  • Beschreibrung der Erdoberfläche (Description of the Earth's surface, 6th edition, 1866).

He also wrote an autobiography, published after his death in 1866.[2]


He was the brother of the historian Friedrich Ludwig Georg von Raumer. His son Rudolf von Raumer was a noted philologist.


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