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Katatonia / Primordial split
EP by Primordial and Katatonia
Released 1996
Genre Black metal (Primordial)
Gothic rock, gothic metal (Katatonia)
Length 15:56
Label Misanthropy Records

In 1996, a split 10" EP was released on Misanthropy Records consisting of one song each from Primordial and Katatonia. Primordial recorded a new version (often referred to as the "MCMXCVI" version of the song) of an old demo song, at Academy Studios in Yorkshire, exclusively for this release. Katatonia's song was recorded at Unisound Studios in Finspång, in February 1994. The EP was available only on purple vinyl format, limited to 777 copies.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Artist Length
1. "To Enter Pagan" Primordial 5:35
2. "Scarlet Heavens" Katatonia 10:21





  • Katatonia's song was later featured on the Saw You Drown EP in 1998.
  • Primordial's song marks the final performance of the band's original drummer, Derek "D." MacAmlaigh.