Zarghun Shar, Paktika

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Zarghun Shar

زرغون ښار

Katawaz, Khayr Kot,
Country Afghanistan
ProvincePaktika Province
DistrictZarghun Shar
Time zone+ 4.30
Babur hunting on the plains of Kattavaz

Zarghun Shar (Pashto: زرغون ښار‎), or Zarghun Shahr (Persian: زرغون‌شهر‎),[1] Katawaz[2] (Pashto: کټواز‎), or Khayr Kot[3] (Pashto: خير کوټ‎), is a town in and administrative seat of Zarghun Shar District, Paktika Province, in eastern Afghanistan.

In the 1970s Zarghun Shar was a town of some 5,000 people, but that population decreased during the years of fighting after the Soviet invasion and the Afghan civil war.

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Coordinates: 32°50′50″N 68°26′45″E / 32.84722°N 68.44583°E / 32.84722; 68.44583