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For the singer, see Katy Perry.
Katie Perry
Born Katie Jane Perry
(1980-12-30) 30 December 1980 (age 35)
London, England
Nationality Australian
Occupation Fashion designer,singer/songwriter
Awards music award
Labels Katie Perry

Katie Jane Perry[1] (born 30 December 1980) is an English-born Australian fashion designer known for her use of jersey fabrics and "luxury loungewear" fashion line.[1] She has grown the label from the very fashionable Paddington Markets, to have an online presence and has most recently opened her own retail oulet in Sydney.[1]

Personal life[edit]

Perry was born in Camden, London, England. In early years, after the separation of her parents, she traveled with her mother and her mother's partner, and lived on four continents (Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia). She now lives in Sydney.[citation needed]

Her mother worked closely with the Benetton brothers before launching her own label in the 1970s dressing Diana, Princess of Wales and Paul McCartney.[citation needed]


Perry studied Textiles and Design throughout her school years at St Joan of Arc school and studied at FBI, fashion college. She has worked as a fashion assistant for Bambini magazines, manager and buyer for labels and stores such as Molton Brown, Oroton and David Jones. After working in the business and commercial side of fashion, she launched of her namesake label in 2007. She chose to have the collection made in Australia, using Australian jersey fabric. A percentage of every sale goes to Australian charity Lucca leadership.

In September 2008, Perry submitted a trademark application for her label, which was formally approved as trademark number 1264761 in the Australian Official Journal of Trademarks, on 29 January 2009.[2] In June 2009 she launched the Katie Perry Studio in Mosman, Sydney.

Name conflict[edit]

In June 2009, a Brisbane firm of intellectual property lawyers, Fisher Adams Kelly, acting for the American pop singer Katy Perry, applied to IP Australia to oppose the new trademark, on the basis of a similarity of names. A hearing with IP Australia was called for 10 July 2009, at which they were to seek an extension of the normal three month time limit within which they may oppose a new trademark.[3]

Some media reports have described this application as a "lawsuit".[1][4] However, the application to IP Australia is not a lawsuit, and Katy Perry has denied the reports of lawsuits on her blog.[5]

On 29 June 2009, Katie Perry posted a personal message to Katy Perry the singer as a video on YouTube,[6] seeking to get past the lawyers and interact directly between the two Perrys, asking that they can both pursue their dreams and wishing the singer well for her upcoming Australian tour.

At a hearing with IP Australia on 10 July 2009, the singer's legal team withdrew their opposition to the Katie Perry trademark.[7]


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