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Katsu may refer to:

  • Katsu (Zen), a shout used in Chán and Zen Buddhism, as well as in the martial arts
  • KATSU soft interior puffs and cushions, such as stones and boulders
  • Katsu (band), from Central Pennsylvania
  • KATSU!, manga by Mitsuru Adachi
  • "Katsu!" (ja), a 1984 song by Shibugakitai
  • Deep fried cutlet in Japanese cuisine:
  • Kappo, resuscitation techniques also known as katsu
  • Katsucon, an annual anime convention in Maryland

People named Katsu include:

  • KATSU (angela), Japanese musician, member of pop band angela
  • Katsu Kaishu (Awa Katsu) (1823-1899), Japanese statesman and naval officer
  • Manami Katsu (born 1994), Japanese professional wrestler
  • Shintaro Katsu (1931-1997), Japanese actor
  • KATSU, graffiti artist
  • Katsu Aki (born 1961), manga artist
  • Katsu (geisha) (active ca. 1800-1810), courtesan in Edo, achieved the ranking Oiran, premier class prostitute. Katsu was a woman of letters and associated with the intellectual elite (bunjin) of her days
  • Katsu (desiree session) (2011 - present), Ruff Ryders member
  • Katsu Yoshida, primary antagonist of the series "Agents of Havoc"