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Kay Parker
Kay Parker 1999.jpg
Kay Parker at Hustler Hollywood, 26 April 1999
Born Kay Taylor
(1944-08-28) 28 August 1944 (age 72)
Birmingham, England
Other names Jill Jackson, Kay Taylor Parker
Height 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Website http://www.kaytaylorparker.com/

Kay Parker (born Kay Taylor; 28 August 1944 in Birmingham) is an English New Age author and former pornographic actress.


Parker was reportedly introduced to the adult film industry during the late 1970s by actor John Leslie, who suggested she take part in one of his upcoming films.[1] Upon hearing that it was a pornographic movie, Parker reportedly declined the offer. Eventually she eased into the industry by playing bit parts in non-sexual roles. However, porn director Anthony Spinelli talked her into doing her first sex scene in Sex World (1977).[1][2] She appeared in roughly 50 films and made her swansong in 1985 appearing with Seka in "Careful He May be Watching." Parker segued into a position as Public Relations director for Caballero before bowing out of the Adult film world completely. Parker appeared on numerous TV talk shows coast to coast including "AM Chicago" hosted by Oprah Winfrey. She also lectured at UCLA, USC and other Los Angeles based colleges.

Later years[edit]

Kay Parker also appeared motif in several low-budget mainstream films, such as Desert Winds (1995) and "A Dirty Little Business" in 1998. She also played herself in the 2005 independent film Dick Ho: Asian Male Porn Star – a mockumentary about a fictional legendary Asian porn actor which included some interviews with known adult film actresses from the 1970s in which they discuss their "memories" of the star.[citation needed]

Since 1986 Parker has worked with hundreds of individuals worldwide as spiritual mentor and metaphysical counselor and lecturer. In 2001, she wrote her autobiography titled "Taboo: Sacred, Don't Touch" (ISBN 0971368406), "An Autobiographical Journey Spanning Six Thousand Years" in which she wrote about her early childhood, her career in the adult industry, and her experiences with the metaphysical. She revised the book in 2016 "Taboo: Sacred Don't Touch" - The Revised Version (ISBN 978-1-36-741153-1). As of August 2016 a documentary is in the works about Parker entitled "A Taboo Identity" focusing on the years since her retirement from films. She continues to work in the Los Angeles area.


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  • Louis Marvin: The New Goddesses (AF Press, USA 1987; features a chapter on her.

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