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Kenny Senior is a fictional character from the Channel 4 sitcom Phoenix Nights, portrayed by Archie Kelly.

Kenny Senior is portrayed as a habitual liar, something of a Walter Mitty, whose statements are either complete lies or vast exaggerations. Amongst other things he has played swingball in Pwllheli with Robert De Niro, got some paint for Jackie Chan and claims he is very friendly with the SAS.

Kenny Senior got his name because there is a member of staff of the same name (Young Kenny). Kenny Senior being the older Kenny earned him his name Kenny Senior. In the first episode of the second series it is revealed his middle name is Dalglish, after Kenny Dalglish

Kenny Senior has not only baffled his fellow members of The Phoenix Club with his lies, but also with a strange schoolgirl outfit he wore whilst performing as Britney Spears in an episode where club workers performed as famous stars in a 'Stars in Their Eyes' style show.

Kenny Senior also played a cameo role in the spinoff series from Phoenix Nights, Max and Paddy's Road To Nowhere, when interviewed by a TV news reporter, he is shown as being a rabbi.