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Kentucky Highway Patrol was founded in 1936 when the Division of Highway Patrol was created as a part of the Kentucky State Highway Department.[1][2] The Highway Patrol began with 40 officers who enforced traffic laws on Kentucky roads.[1][2] By 1948 the Kentucky Highway Patrol had 200 officers.[1]

The 1939-40 Police Blue Book published by the International Association of Chiefs of Police listed 146 employees, 56 patrol cars, and 21 motorcycles for the Kentucky Highway Patrol.[3]

On July 1, 1948, the Kentucky Highway Patrol was abolished due to the passage of the State Police Act, which was promoted by Governor Earle C. Clements. The Kentucky Highway Patrol was replaced by the Kentucky State Police, a new agency whose officers had full police powers, not limited to traffic laws.[1][2] The new Kentucky State Police inherited the officers and equipment of the Kentucky Highway Patrol.[1]

Fallen officers[edit]

Six officers died in the line of duty during the Kentucky Highway Patrol's 12-year history.[4]

Rank and name Date Details
Patrolman James Powell Hays Saturday, December 21, 1935 Gunfire
Patrolman Robert Rowland Sunday, December 22, 1935 Gunfire
Captain Vernon C. Snellen Saturday, February 20, 1937 Automobile accident
Patrolman Mose Hurt Littrell Monday, March 14, 1938 Gunfire
Patrolman Houston Greene Thursday, May 18, 1944 Gunfire
Patrolman Vadas G. Richardson Saturday, October 7, 1944 Gunfire


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