Keskitalo's Third Council

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Keskitalo's Third Council

8th Governing Council of the Sámi Parliament of Norway
Date formed12 October 2017
Date dissolved21 October 2021
People and organisations
Head of governmentAili Keskitalo
No. of ministers5
Member partyNorwegian Sami Association
Centre Party
Reindeer herder's list
Åarjel-Saemiej Gïelh
Status in legislatureCoalition majority government
Legislature term(s)2017–2021
PredecessorLarsen's Council
SuccessorMuotka's Council

Keskitalo's Third Council was a governing council of the Sámi Parliament of Norway, headed by the President Aili Keskitalo of the Norwegian Sami Association. The governing council was installed on 12 October 2017, following the 2017 Norwegian Sámi parliamentary election, and served until 21 October 2021. It was a coalition council consisting of the Norwegian Sami Association/Norwegian Sami Association and Sami People's Party joint list (NSR/NSR-SáB), the Centre Party, the Reindeer herders list (JSL) and Åarjel-Saemiej Gïelh (ÅAsG), known as the Muohtačalmmit coalition.[1]


The Governing Council heads the executive branch of the Sami parliamentary system in Norway. The President of the Sami Parliament is the head of the executive branch. The Governing Council is composed by the President and four other council members. They hold full-time positions and are responsible for the daily political business of the Sami Parliament.

List of councillors[edit]

Portfolio Minister Took office Left office Party
President of the Sámi Parliament of Norway
responsible for rights, language, and cross-border and international cooperation
12 October 201721 October 2021 NSR
Councillor of Culture and Finance,
responsible Truth and Reconciliation Commission
12 October 201721 October 2021 NSR
Councillor of Environment, Industry, and Developmental issues
responsible for the Finnmark Estate Agency
12 October 201721 October 2021 NSR
Councillor of Health, Equality, Education, and Research12 October 201721 October 2021 NSR
Councillor of Cultural Heritage, Traditional Knowledge, and Duodji
responsible for youth council and senior council of the Sámi Parliament of Norway
12 October 201721 October 2021 Reindeer herder's list

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