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As a given name, Kevan is a variant of the name Kevin (Caoimheán or Caomhán , an Irish diminutive form of Caoimhín; also anglicized Keevan or Cavan).[1] The feminine variant is Caoimhe (anglicised as Keeva or Kweeva).

The Irish surname Kevan is an anglicization of Ó Géibheannaigh (also rendered Keaveney) or Caomhánach (also rendered Cavens).

Given name[edit]

  • Kevan Barbour (born 1949), international cricket umpire from Zimbabwe
  • Kevan Barlow (born 1979), former American football running back
  • Kevan Broadhurst (born 1959), English former professional footballer, coach and football manager
  • Kevan Brown (born 1966), retired English professional footballer
  • Kevan George (born 1990), Trinidadian footballer
  • Kevan Gosper, AO (born 1933), Australian former athlete who mainly competed in the 400 metres
  • Kevan Guy (born 1965), Canadian former professional ice hockey player
  • Kevan Hamilton (born 1934), former Australian rules footballer in the Victorian Football League
  • Kevan Hurst (born 1985), English professional footballer
  • Kevan James (born 1961), educated at the Edmonton County School, in the London Borough of Enfield
  • Kevan Jones (born 1964), British Labour Party politician, Member of Parliament (MP) for North Durham since 2001
  • Kevan Miller (born 1987), American professional ice hockey defenseman
  • Kevan Smith (born 1959), English former footballer
  • Kevan Smith (baseball) (born 1988), American professional baseball catcher
  • Kevan Tebay (1936–1996), English cricketer active from 1959 to 1963
  • Kevan Merrow (born 1996), American scientist


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