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Khaleel-Ur-Rehman Azmi (1927–1978), also known as Khalil al-Rehman Azmi, was an Urdu poet and literary critic who was born in the village Seda Sultanpur in the district of Azamgarh.[citation needed]

Azmi's father Muhammad Shafi was a deeply religious man.[citation needed] Azmi matriculated from Shibli National High School in Azamgarh in 1945. He gained his bachelor's degree in 1948 and his M.A. in Urdu from Aligarh Muslim University.[1] During this period he tutored the British scholar of Urdu, Ralph Russell.[2] He gained his Doctor of Philosophy in Urdu in 1957 from Aligarh Muslim University for a dissertation entitled: Urdu Mein Tarraqipasand Adabi Tahrik.[citation needed]

In 1952 he became a Lecturer in Aligarh Muslim University's Department of Urdu. Four years later he became a Reader and continued in that role until his death from leukemia in 1978. He was posthumously elevated to the rank of Professor.[citation needed]

He started writing during his early school days and composed poems for Payami taleem, a children's literary magazine.[citation needed] Proficient in both prose and poetry, he was one of the pioneers of Modernism in Urdu and was also aligned with the Progressive Writers Movement.[citation needed] He received the Ghalib Award for Urdu Poetry in 1978.[3]

Work and contributions[edit]

  • Kaghzi Pairahan (1953): a collection of poetry, nazms and ghazals.
  • Naya Ahad Nama (1965): a collection of poetry, nazms and ghazals.
  • Nai Nazm Ka Safar (edited): a collection of Urdu poetry from 1936 to 1972
  • Fikr-o-Fan (1956)
  • Zawiay-e-Nigah (1966)
  • Mazameen-e-Nau (1977): a work of literary criticism
  • Muqaddama-e-Kalam-e-Aatish
  • Taraqqi Pasand Tahreek (1965)
  • Urdu Mein Taraqqi Pasand Adabi Tahreek (1972)
  • zindagi ae zindagi ( 1983)


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