Khalid Hasan Shah

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Syed Khalid Hasan Shah was an Islamic religious leader, a prominent exponent of modern Naqshbandi Sufism,


He was born in Allo Mahar Sharif, Pakistan. His father was Syed Faiz ul-Hasan Shah.


His father sent him to school to study secular knowledge during the day, and in the evening he studied Islam at the local maktab, where he learned the basics of Islamic law, jurisprudence, the Hadith, and Qur'anic exegesis. He passed a B.A. at Murray College, Sialkot. He received his elementary education and lessons in Urdu from his father, logic and philosophy from his grandfather.

Religious career[edit]

He delivered many lectures all over Pakistan, and struggled for the establishment of Islamic law in Pakistan. He held the seat of his father as a debater in 1984 and worked for eight years.


He died in 1992, and was buried in Allomahar Shrief beside his father.


He had one son and two daughters. His son Syed Murtaza Amin Shah is also an orator of Islam lecturing in different parts of world.


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