Khurnak Fort

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Khurnak Fort
China India western border 88.jpg
Map showing Khurnak fort in Aksai Chin
Coordinates33°45′58″N 79°00′00″E / 33.766°N 79°E / 33.766; 79Coordinates: 33°45′58″N 79°00′00″E / 33.766°N 79°E / 33.766; 79
Elevation4257 meters
Khurnak Fort is located in Jammu and Kashmir
Khurnak Fort
Location of Khurnak Fort

The Khurnak Fort is a ruined fort in western Tibet Autonomous Region, China. It is in the disputed Aksai Chin region claimed by India.

The boundary between India and China was considered to be at the Khurnak Fort[1][2] and Indian forces visited it from time to time and had a post there.[1] China wrested its control since around July 1958, according to most sources.[1][3][4][5][6][7]

During the 1960 talks between the two governments on the boundary issue, India submitted among other official records as proof of jurisdiction, the 1908 Settlement Report regarding revenue in kind, which showed the amount of revenue collected at Khurnak.[8] The Chinese claim line of 1956 did not include the Khurnak Fort, but the 1960 claim line included the Khurnak Fort.[9]

The fort lies close to the northern bank of the Pangong Tso and has an elevation of 4257 meters above sea level.[10]


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