Khwaja Amran

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Khwaja Amran
Khwaja Amran is located in Pakistan
Khwaja Amran
Khwaja Amran
Location of Khwaja Amran range
Highest point
Elevation 1,949 m (6,394 ft) [1]
Coordinates 30°35′N 66°25′E / 30.583°N 66.417°E / 30.583; 66.417Coordinates: 30°35′N 66°25′E / 30.583°N 66.417°E / 30.583; 66.417

Killa Abdullah District, Balochistan,

Parent range Toba Kakar Range

The Amran Range or Khawaja Amran is an offshoot of the Toba Kakar Range of mountains, north of Pishin Valley.[2] It is crossed by N-25 National Highway and Rohri–Chaman Railway Line that passes through the Khojak railway tunnel. The range is said to be named after a Tajik saint.[3]

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