Khojak Pass

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Khojak Pass
Elevation 7,513 ft (2,290 m)
Location  Pakistan
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Khojak Pass (el. 7,513 ft) connects Qila Abdullah with Chaman in the province of Baluchistan, Pakistan. The road through the pass connects the larger cities of Quetta, Pakistan and Kandahar, Afghanistan.

  • Khojak railroad tunnel 5.2 kilometre long (3.2 miles).
  • Small forts to defend pass on each hill top.
  • Picture of khojak tunnel is on old five rupees note.
  • "Historically, the Achakzai, across the khojak mountain , have controlled the smuggling routes around the Khojak Pass, one of the two major mountain passes that connect the Middle East with the Indian subcontinent, the other being the more famous" Khyber Pass.[1]


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Coordinates: 30°51′N 66°34′E / 30.850°N 66.567°E / 30.850; 66.567