Khyargas, Uvs

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Khyargas District
Хяргас сум
Country Mongolia
Province Uvs Province
Time zone UTC + 7 (UTC+7)

Khyargas (Mongolian: Хяргас, Hĭargas) is a sum (district) of Uvs Province in western Mongolia.

The sum is named after Khyargas lake, which is 80 km south of the sum center.

The sum center was formerly located at another site, 49°32′51″N 93°49′36″E / 49.54750°N 93.82667°E / 49.54750; 93.82667.

Coordinates: 49°40′16″N 93°46′46″E / 49.67111°N 93.77944°E / 49.67111; 93.77944