Ki Fighter Taerang

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Ki Fighter Taerang
Starring Jeong Mi Sook/Aita Sayaka
Country of origin Korea/Japan
No. of episodes 26
Running time 30 min.
Original network MBC/NHK
Original release August 21, 2002 – March 19, 2003

Ki Fighter Taerang (Hangul기파이터 태랑; RRGipaiteo Taelang) (Japanese: キ・ファイターテラン, Hepburn: Ki Faitā Teran) is a Japanese-Korean anime series. It is a product of the major anime broadcaster Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation and NHK, and the animation was done by Production Grimi. The director of this anime is Minoguchi Katuya. The story centers on the character Taerang, a legendary fighter squirrel. and similar series as King of Bandit Jing.


The following are the names of the characters in Romanised form, followed by their Korean and Japanese transcriptions.

  • Taerang (태랑, テラン)
  • Tible (티블, ティプル)
  • Chichia (치치아, チチア)
  • Rami (라미, ラミ)
  • Para (파라, パラ)
  • Niverse (니버스, ニバス)
  • Trueno (트레노, トレノ)
  • Volvoy (볼보이, ボールボーイ)
  • Big Magic Kong (대마왕, 大魔王)

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