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Kings of the Sun
Also known asThe Young Lions,
The Rich and Famous (band),
Clifford Hoad's Kings of the Sun
OriginSydney, NSW, Australia
GenresHard rock, pub rock, Southern rock, rock and roll, punk rock, pop rock
Years active1986-1998, 2001-2009, 2010-present
LabelsMushroom Records,
RCA Records,
Associated actsRatpack
  • Clifford Hoad
Past members

Kings of the Sun (also abbreviated K.O.T.S.) is an Australian hard rock band formed by Jeffrey Hoad and Clifford Hoad in Sydney in 1986.[1]

The Young Lions (1982-1985)[edit]

The Young Lions was formed by guitarist Bob Spencer (Finch, Skyhooks).[2] The band included drummer Clifford Hoad, Hoad's younger brother Jeffrey, who took lead vocals & guitar duties, and bass player Marlon Holden.[3] They scored support slots for The Angels and INXS the same year.[1][not in citation given]

The band dissolved around 1986 after Spencer left to join The Angels and the Hoad brothers formed "Kings of the Sun" with Ron Thiessen (guitar), Anthony Ragg (bass)[1] They were named after the Yul Brynner film of the same name.[4]

Kings of the Sun (1986-1998)[edit]

First single & contract with RCA[edit]

In 1986 the band was signed to Mushroom Records, where they recorded their first single. During this time both Tommy Poulter and John McKinnon left the band and Anthony Ragg was brought in to take McKinnon's place. Their debut single, "Bottom of My Heart", was released in 1986 with "Bad Love" as its B-side. After its release "Bottom of My Heart" charted in the ARIA Singles chart at #47.[5] Both songs would later be re-recorded for their 1988 debut album, Kings of the Sun.[citation needed]

The band was signed to RCA Records after the RCA executive Simon Lowe saw them perform in Sydney and the band traveled to New York City to work on their first album.[1] Bandmate Ron Thiessen did not accompany them, as he left prior to the band being signed, and he was replaced by Anthony Ragg.[1]

Kings of the Sun album[edit]

In 1988 the band released their self-titled debut album Kings of the Sun, which was produced by Eddie Kramer and mixed by Dave Thoener.[6]

A single from the album, "Serpentine", placed on the 19th position of the U.S. Mainstream Rock Songs chart `and in Australia, made it to position 48.[7][8] The album's second single, "Black Leather", made the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at 98th position.[9]

After the album released Glenn Morris joined the band to play lead guitar and the group toured the United States and Europe.[1] They returned to Australia in 1988 to open for Guns N' Roses, but were kicked out of the tour after Clifford Hoad "dropped his pants in front of the audience and bad-mouthed Guns N' Roses publicly".[1] There had also been tension due to a remark Hoad made in an interview for the Australian On the Street magazine, where he claimed that Guns N' Roses took much of their image from Rose Tattoo.[10][11] Years later Hoad responded to this by stating "When I said those things, I meant them. It wasn’t necessarily aimed at Guns N’Roses. It was aimed at the Australian press and public. ‘OK, make a fuss over Guns N’Roses but at least know that Rose Tattoo exists."[12]

More lineup changes occurred in 1986 after Morris left the band to join The Screaming Tribesmen, although he rejoined KOTS before the band released their second album, Full Frontal Attack in 1990.[1]

Full Frontal Attack album[edit]

Full Frontal Attack was released in August 1990 and was produced by William Wittman. Dave Thoener returned to mix the album.[13] The album's first single, "Drop the Gun", received a positive reception[citation needed] and reached the 30th position in the Billboards Mainstream Rock Songs chart.[7] Other singles released include "Haunt You Baby" and "I Get Lonely". After the album's release Kings of the Sun toured with The Screaming Jets in 1991.[1]

Full Frontal Attack was the last album the band released through RCA Records and Morris and Ragg left the band in 1992.[1]

Resurrection album[edit]

The band's third album Resurrection was released in 1993 through Mushroom Records.[14] It was recorded at A&M Studios and Paramount Studios and was mastered at Precision Mastering.[14] Phil Soussan and Brad Spurr both contributed to the record and Spurr joined the band after its release.[1]

Kings Of The Sun self-produced the album except for two tracks by mixer Mark Dearnley, "First Thing About Rock'n'Roll (I Remember)" and "Fuzz".[14] Two singles were released from the album, "Trapped Inside Your Heart" and "Road to Nowhere", and the band supported Jimmy Barnes on his Australian tour during 1993.[1]

Bombs Away single[edit]

Spurr left the band around 1995 and was replaced by Dean Turner on bass.[citation needed] The single was independently released in 1995.[15]

Daddy Was a Hobo Man album[edit]

The band recorded their album Daddy Was A Hobo Man!! in 1997 and was not released until 2011, when it was made available as an independent release.[16][17] Of the album, Clifford Hoad stated that they did not want to release an album similar to their prior releases and that "This album, we wanted to record with no commercial pressure what so ever, also, at the time we wanted to record as a 3 piece and live in the studio, this is what you’re hearing."[17]

In 1998 the band supported Sammy Hagar's Australian tour.[1] Kings of the Sun officially disbanded in 2001.[4]

Clifford Hoad and Jeffrey Hoad ceased working together in 2009 and continue to be estranged.[18]

Clifford Hoad's Kings of the Sun (2010-present)[edit]

In 2010 Clifford Hoad began with the composition of songs for the new album and formation of a new Kings of the Sun lineup – this time without his younger brother Jeffrey.

In March 2013, new KOTS lineup entered Govinda Doyle’s private studio to record Cliff Hoad’s latest compositions. Quentin Elliott returned to play lead guitar and Dave Talon (Rollerball) joined on rhythm guitar. Drummer Cliff Hoad also took charge of singing, as he sang backing vocals on all previous albums and lead vocals on 2 tracks (shared with Jeff on Shot Me an Arrow & lead on I Wanna Rock). Bass tracks were recorded by Govinda Doyle who also engineered and produced the album with co-production by Clifford Hoad. Mixing was done by Govinda & Clifford.

New album entitled Rock Til Ya Die was released on 5 September 2013 via band's website and is return to classic Australian rock sound.[19] 5 promo videos were shot by Dan Jensen and Trudy Martin of Darklight Studios, combining music clip with documentary style interviews with Cliff Hoad, who tells a story behind each song.[20]

Clifford Hoad has released his 9th album called Razed on Rock on 20 October 2016 and the most recent one called Playin' to the Heavens on 28 May 2017.[21] Again playing double duty as lead vocalist and drummer.


Current members[edit]

  • Clifford Hoad - lead vocals, drums & percussions

Past members[edit]

  • Jeffrey Hoad - lead vocals, guitars
  • Anthony Ragg - bass
  • Rowie Riot - lead guitar
  • Shar Roxxon - rhythm guitar, keyboards & backing vocals
  • Laurie Marlow - bass & backing vocals
  • Quentin Elliott - lead guitar
  • Dave Talon - rhythm guitar
  • Baron von Berg - 2nd drums
  • Darren Marlow - bass & backing vocals
  • Glenn Morris - lead guitar
  • Chris Lewis - bass
  • Dean Turner - bass
  • Brad Spurr - bass
  • Ron Thiessen - lead guitar
  • Tommy Poulter - lead guitar
  • John McKinnon - bass
  • Marlon Holden - bass
  • Bob Spencer - lead guitar

Session musicians[edit]

  • Gary Lee - bass *Full Frontal Attack album recording
  • Phil Soussan - bass *Resurrection album recording
  • Govinda Doyle - bass *Rock Til Ya Die album recording
  • Craig Pesco - bass *KISS concert at Carrara Stadium in 2001



Kings of the Sun[edit]

  • Kings of the Sun US:136 (1988)
  • Full Frontal Attack US:130 (1990)
  • Resurrection (1993)
  • Daddy Was a Hobo Man (2011) *Recorded in 1997

Clifford Hoad's Kings Of The Sun[edit]

  • Rock Til Ya Die (2013)
  • Razed on Rock (2016)
  • Playin' to the Heavens (2017)


Kings of the Sun[edit]

  • Bottom of My Heart (1986)
  • Serpentine (1988)
  • Black Leather US:98 (1988)
  • Drop the Gun (1990)
  • Lock Me Up (1990)
  • I Get Lonely (1990)
  • Trapped Inside Your Heart (1993)
  • Road to Nowhere (1993)
  • Bombs Away (1995)


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