Kintetsu Yatomi Station

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Kintetsu Yatomi Station
Kintetsu-Yatomi stn.jpg
Kintetsu Yatomi Station
Location Uguiura-cho Nishimae Shinden 51, Yatomi, Aichi
Operated by Kintetsu Railway
Line(s) Nagoya Line
Opened 1938
Previous names Kankyu Yatomi; Sankyu Yatomi Station
Kankyu Yatomi Station
Kinki-Nippon Yatomi (until 1970)
Passengers (2008) 12,124 daily

Kintetsu Yatomi Station (近鉄弥富駅?, Kintetsu-Yatomi-eki) is a railway station on the Kintetsu Nagoya Line located in Yatomi, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. It is located 16.1 kilometers from the terminus of the Nagoya Line at Kintetsu Nagoya.[1]


Kintetsu-Yatomi Station was opened on June 26, 1938 as Kankyu Yatomi Station (関急弥富駅?, Kankyu-Yatomi-eki) a station on the Kansai Kyuko Electric Railway, which was acquired by the Sangū Express Electric Railway on January 1, 1940. The station was renamed Sangu-Yatomi Station (参急弥富駅A?, Sangu-Yatomi-eki) at that time, but reverted to its original name on March 13, 1941. With the merger of Kansai-area railways into the Kintetsu group in 1944,[2] the station was again renamed on June 1, 1944 to Kinki-Nippon Yatomi Station (近畿日本弥富駅?, Kinki-Nippon Yatomi-eki). The name was shortened to the present name on March 1, 1970. With the new station building was completed in September 1994.



Kintetsu Yatomi Station has two island platforms connected by an overpass. Entrances are located on the south and the north, on the Kuwana side.


1, 2  Nagoya Line for Yokkaichi, Osaka, Kobe and Kashikojima
3, 4  Nagoya Line for Nagoya

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Coordinates: 35°6′49″N 136°43′39.5″E / 35.11361°N 136.727639°E / 35.11361; 136.727639