Kiss of the Gypsy

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Kiss of the Gypsy
Origin Fleetwood, England
Genres Rock
Years active 1990-1993 (as Kiss of the Gypsy)
2004 to date (as XGypsy)
Labels Atlantic
Associated acts XGypsy
Boneyard Zombies
One Way System
Kingdom of Dead Men
Rick Wakeman
Stealers Wheel
Tony Mitchell
Daz Rice
Martin Talbot
Scott Elliot
George Williams – XGYPSY
Tony Mitchell
Dawn Mitchell

Kiss of the Gypsy (XGypsy) is a rock band formed by vocalist/guitarist Tony Mitchell in Fleetwood, Lancashire in 1990.[1]


In 1991, Fleetwood, Lancashire blues rock band Kiss of the Gypsy, led by singer/songwriter, Tony Mitchell, released their only album, "Kiss of the Gypsy". The band lasted only 3 years, 1 album and 3 singles after being signed to Atlantic Records USA in 1991. When Atlantic UK folded that same year, Kiss of the Gypsy was passed over to East West UK and in 1992 began work on a new album. The album was never released and with the lack of record company support, Kiss of the Gypsy disbanded in 1993.

In 1993 Daz Rice opened a music store in Cleveleys Blackpool called Dazamakiz. Daz put all of his efforts into the shop and family but continued to write/record and perform, in 2010 he joined as lead guitarist and vocalist with well-known Blackpool and Fylde Coast local band The Blue Pig Orchestra. Recently Daz has a new side project/originals band 'Phantom Voices', Keep upto date with Daz via

In 2004, Mitchell formed the XGypsy music production company with his wife Dawn, intended as a direct continuation of Kiss of the Gypsy and, since then, he has run his own recording studio and written for numerous bands and artists as well as soundtracks for TV/Film & Media, specialising in the horror/goth genre.

After director Quentin Tarantino had used the track "Stuck in the Middle" by Stealers Wheel, in the soundtrack of his debut film Reservoir Dogs, there had been renewed interest in Stealers Wheel resulting from its inclusion. Tony Williams re-formed Stealers Wheel and in 2008, Mitchell was brought into the band to write and record songs for a new Stealers Wheel album, originally due to be released in 2012.

In 2010, Mitchell released his own album, Black Rhapsody, as Kingdom of Dead Men. In 2011, under the pseudonym Syd Zilla, Mitchell joined forces with fellow Fleetwood musicians: Dunk Rock, vocalist with UFX, with whom Mitchell had previously collaborated in Gothic Metal band Puppet Master, and bassist Andy Wilkinson and drummer Tommy Couch, the rhythm section of internationally renowned punk rock group One Way System to form psychobilly band Boneyard Zombies to an excited press response.[2][3] Boneyard Zombies released the limited edition "vinyl" CD album Death Rattle and Roll in 2012.


Kiss of the Gypsy received mixed reviews. Their 1991 debut single, "Whatever It Takes" was Single of the Week on release in Kerrang! magazine and reached number 4 in the Rock Charts. The band also played the single live on TV on ITV's James Whale Show[4] and were featured in Kerrang! on several other occasions (issues 362, 378, 382 and 406 all carried lengthy articles on the band, including a 3 page interview in Issue 378).[5][6] Despite the critical acclaim, sales of the group's albums were not especially high, particularly in the United States,[7] and some critics criticized their music as "passionless",[8] whereas others have praised the group and noted the influence of blues music in their songs.[1][9][10] Generally, their first eponymous album was received positively.[11] [12]



Kiss of the Gypsy

  • 1991 – Kiss of the Gypsy

Kingdom of Deadmen

  • 2010 – Black Rhapsody

Boneyard Zombies

  • 2012 – Death Rattle and Roll


Whatever it Takes
Easy Does It
Blind For Love


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