Kita Shinkawa Station

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Kita Shinkawa Station
MT-Kitashinkawa Station-Building.jpg
Kita Shinkawa Station
Location Gutsu-machi, Hekinan, Aichi
Operated by Nagoya Railroad
Line(s) Meitetsu Mikawa Line
Opened 1914
Passengers (2007) 1,378 daily

Kita Shinkawa Station (北新川駅 Kita Shinkawa-eki?) is a railway station operated by Meitetsu on the Mikawa Line, located in Hekinan, Aichi Prefecture Japan. It is located 14.8kilometers from the terminus of the Mikawa Line at Chiryū Station.


Kita Shinkawa Station was opened on February 5, 1914, as a station on the privately owned Mikawa Railway Company. The Mikawa Railway Company was taken over by Meitetsu on June 1, 1941. The station has been unattended since 2005.



Kita Shinkawa Station has a single island platform. The station is unattended.


1  Mikawa Line For Hekinan
2  Mikawa Line For Mikawa Takahama, Kariya, and Chiryū

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Coordinates: 34°54′22″N 136°59′33″E / 34.9062°N 136.9924°E / 34.9062; 136.9924