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Film Festival' Kitzbuehel[1] is an Austrian international film festival focusing on emerging filmmakers that takes place in Kitzbuehel/Tyrol in the last week of August each year[2].[3] The Film Festival Kitzbuehel offers filmmakers from all over the world the opportunity for their works to be shown, discussed and promoted[4]. The festival comprises competitive sections for national and international fiction and documentary feature films as well as short films and a group of out-of-competition sections, including the Spotlights, In Persona, Heimat, Mountain Sport Shorts and a Retrospective.[5] A particular emphasis is put on films from the EU and, starting in 2017, Film Festival Kitzbuehel has entered partnerships with Transilvania International Film Festival[6], Sofia International Film Festival [7], and Bolzano Filmfestival [8]

Film Festival Kitzbuehel - Cinema on the Mountain


Film Festival Kitzbuehel[9] was founded in 2012 by Michael Reisch, Kathryn Perotti, Nina Hipfl-Reisch, Mike Mayr-Reisch, Josef Obermoser and Roman Benedetto[10]. Since its first edition in 2013, the festival has attracted increasing numbers of international guests and participants.[11] Its location, the alpine town of Kitzbuehel, was previously mainly known for winter sports.[12] The festival week features highlights such as the "Drive-In Cinema" showing cinema classics, as well as a screening at the highest cinema in Europe (at 1.670 m), on Kitzbuehler Horn. In 2018 the film festival initiated screenings in the old town of Kitzbuehel, called "Cinema in the City", which is for free and open to everyone. [13] In February 2016, Film Festival Kitzbuehel was accredited by FIAPF (Federation Association Internationale des Producteurs de Films) as a competitive feature film festival.[14]

Script Lab ("Drehbuchklausur")[edit]

The script lab[15], held and organized by the FFKB Foundation, is a 20 day long screenplay writing workshop, where script writers can develop scripts and present their work. The script lab is intended to give filmmakers from Austria and German-speaking Europe a chance to work on their creations with colleagues, tutors and experts from the national and international movie industry, as well as to exchange ideas and to network.

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