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The FIAPF (Fédération Internationale des Associations de Producteurs de Films; English: International Federation of Film Producers Associations) based in Paris, created in 1933, is an organization composed with 36 member associations from 30 of the leading audiovisual production countries. FIAPF is also in charge of regulating international film festivals, including some of the world's most important ones.


FIAPF helps producers formulate policies and coordinate political action in these key areas:

  • Copyright and related intellectual property rights' legislation
  • Enforcement of IPR legislation and anti-piracy action
  • Deployment of digital technologies and their impact on the audiovisual value chain
  • Technology standardization process
  • Media regulation
  • Private and public sector film financing mechanisms
  • Trade-related issues


Accredited film festivals[edit]

As of 2015, the FIAPF provided accreditation to 47 film festivals worldwide. The FIAPF categorizes the film festivals as Competitive, Competitive Specialised, Non-Competitive and Documentary/Short Film.[1]

Competitive film festivals[edit]

The following film festivals have been given competitive status by the FIAPF.[2]

Competitive specialised film festivals[edit]

The following film festivals have been given specialised competitive status by the FIAPF.[3]

Non-competitive film festivals[edit]

The following film festivals have been given non-competitive status by the FIAPF.[4]

Documentary and short film festivals[edit]

The following film festivals are for documentary and short films.[5]


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