Kleine Steinau

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Kleine Steinau
Location Osterode am Harz district in Lower Saxony,  Germany
Basin features
Main source Between Schindelkopf and Spießerklippe on the Acker
690 m above sea level
51°43′02″N 10°21′05″E / 51.7171°N 10.3515°E / 51.7171; 10.3515Coordinates: 51°43′02″N 10°21′05″E / 51.7171°N 10.3515°E / 51.7171; 10.3515
River mouth Near Aschenhütte into the Sieber
210 m above sea level
51°40′26″N 10°18′06″E / 51.6740°N 10.3018°E / 51.6740; 10.3018
Progression Sieber → Oder → Rhume → Leine → Aller → Weser
River system Weser
Physical characteristics
Length 8.7 km

The Kleine Steinau is an 8.7 km long tributary of the Sieber, north of Herzberg am Harz in the district of Osterode am Harz in Lower Saxony. It rises at about 690 metres between the Schindelkopf mountain and the Spießerklippe crags on the ridge of Auf dem Acker. It initially flows in a westerly direction, but later swings south before emptying into the River Sieber near the small settlement of Aschenhütte, not far from the mouth of the Große Steinau. In the upper reaches of the Kleine Steinau it is also called the Schindelgraben, although it is not clear from the maps at which point the name changes.


  • Topographische Karte 1:25000, Nr. 4228 Riefensbeek
  • Topographische Karte 1:25000, Nr. 4227 Osterode im Harz
  • Topographische Karte 1:25000, Nr. 4327 Gieboldehausen