Knights of Space

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Knights of Space
Live album by
Released26 May 2008
Recorded19 December 2007
VenueAstoria Theatre, London
GenreSpace rock
LabelVision Music
Hawkwind chronology
Take Me to Your Future
Knights of Space
Blood of the Earth

Knights of Space is a live album by Hawkwind recorded at their annual London Christmas gig at the Astoria on 19 December 2007 and released in August 2008. It is released as an audio (2xCD) and video (2xDVD)

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Black Corridor" (Michael Moorcock)
  2. "Aero Space Age Inferno" (Robert Calvert)
  3. "Space Love" (Hawkwind)
  4. "The Awakening" (Calvert)
  5. "Orgone Accumulator" (Calvert, Dave Brock)
  6. "Paradox" (Brock)
  7. "Robot" (Calvert, Brock)
  8. "Abducted" (Tree, Brock)
  9. "Alien (I Am)" (Brock)
  10. "Alien Poem" (Hawkwind)
  11. "Master of the Universe" (Nik Turner, Brock)
  12. "Time We Left" (Brock)
  13. "Lighthouse" (Tim Blake)
  14. "Arrival in Utopia" (Brock)
  15. "Damnation Alley" (Calvert, Brock, Simon House)
  16. "Sonic Attack" (Moorcock)
  17. "Welcome to the Future" (Calvert)
  18. "Flying Doctor" (Calvert, Brock)
  19. "Silver Machine" (Calvert, Brock)


Release history[edit]

  • May 2008: Vision Music - 2xCD
  • May 2008: Vision Music - 2xDVD


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