Knot in 3D

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Knot in 3D
In-game screenshot
Developer(s) Malcolm Evans
Publisher(s) New Generation Software
Platform(s) ZX Spectrum
Genre(s) Action

Knot in 3D is a ZX Spectrum game by Malcolm Evans, originally published in 1983 by New Generation Software. It resembles a three-dimensional (i.e. with three degrees of freedom instead of only two) version of the Light cycles game from the film Tron.


The game takes place in a 16 × 16 × 16 three-dimensional grid with the display being a first-person view of what the player can see in front of them. Initially empty, this space is filled up by the player (who constantly moves forward) leaving a trail behind them. There are a number of computer-controlled "chasers" doing the same thing who leave a differently coloured trail behind them. As the player and the chasers move through the grid, it becomes more and more densely filled, and therefore there is a greater likelihood of crashing into a trail and need to change direction to avoid the trails.

Critical reception[edit]

CRASH magazine commented that it was hard to see how Knot worked at first, but described it as extraordinary and addictive.[1] ZX Computing also said that Knot was initially confusing until the player is used to the perspective. The graphics were highlighted as some of the best fast-action colour graphics on the Spectrum.[2]


In 1991 Your Sinclair magazine ranked the game 60th in their top 100 Spectrum games of all time.[3]


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