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Stable release
0.9.9[1] / 15 May 2017; 15 months ago (2017-05-15)
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Written in PHP[2]
Platform web
Type Blog software, Content Management System,
License Apache License 2.0 [3]

Known is an open source publishing tool designed to provide a way of more easily publishing status updates, blog posts, and photos to a wide range of social media services. It also allows you to keep a copy of the content you publish and post on your own site.[4]

Known is available as installable, open source software and as a hosted platform, similar to WordPress.[5] It is a part of the IndieWeb movement,[6] and is used as a teaching tool in higher education.[7][8] It also supports multi-user use, and is sometimes considered as an intranet platform.[9]

Known supports the W3C Recommendations Micropub[10] and Webmention[11] among others.


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