Knudsen's First Cabinet

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Knudsen's First Cabinet governed Norway between 19 March 1908 and 2 February 1910. It had the following composition:

Cabinet members[edit]

Portfolio Minister Period[1] Party
Prime Minister Gunnar Knudsen Liberal
Minister of Foreign Affairs Wilhelm Christopher Christophersen Liberal
Minister of Defence Thomas Heftye – 11 April 1908 Liberal
Haakon Ditlev Lowzow 11 April 1908 – 20 August 1909 Liberal
August Geelmuyden Spørck 20 August 1909 – Liberal
Minister of Finance Gunnar Knudsen Liberal
Minister of Trade Lars Kristian Abrahamsen Liberal
Minister of Auditing Gunnar Knudsen Liberal
Minister of Labour Nils Claus Ihlen Liberal
Minister of Justice and the Police Johan Castberg United Norwegian
Worker's Societies
Minister of Agriculture Hans Konrad Foosnæs Liberal
Minister of Church and Education Karl Seip – 16 September 1909
(leave of absence 8 July 1909 – 16 September 1909)
Knut Johannes Hougen 16 September 1909 – Liberal

State Secretary[edit]

Not to be confused with the modern title State Secretary. The old title State Secretary, used between 1814 and 1925, is now known as Secretary to the Government (Regjeringsråd).[2]



  1. ^ Unless otherwise noted, the period was 19 March 1908 – 2 February 1910
  2. ^ Secretary to the Council of State since 1814 -