Ko Khram

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Ko Khram

View of a beach on Ko Khram
View of a beach on Ko Khram
Ko Khram is located in Thailand
Ko Khram
Ko Khram
Coordinates: 12°42′N 100°47′E / 12.700°N 100.783°E / 12.700; 100.783[1]
ProvinceChonburi Province
Elevation219 m (719 ft)
A part of Ko Khram's shore and adjacent islets during a combined amphibious landing force exercise (CALFEX).

Ko Khram (เกาะคราม), also known as Ko Khram Yai, is an island in Bangkok Bay located about 24 km to the SSW of Pattaya. It is the largest of the eastern seaboard islands of Thailand and the largest island in the bay.


Ko Khram is thickly wooded and uninhabited. It has a length of 5.7 km and its maximum width is about 4 km. The island's coast is formed by rocky cliffs[3] with white sandy beaches in between.

This island marks the southeasternmost point of the Bay of Bangkok, on the east side of the Gulf of Siam. Administratively Ko Khram belongs to Amphoe Sattahip, Chonburi Province.

Ko Khram is separated from the shore by a 3.4 km wide sound. Both this island and the smaller islands and islets surrounding it, as well as the adjacent coast, are a military area belonging to the Royal Thai Navy base at Sattahip and are off limits for tourists.[4] The island beaches are designated as sea turtle conservation areas.[5]

Adjacent islands[edit]

Other islands of the Ko Khram group include the following, among some minor rocks and islets:

Name Thai Name Location Coordinates
Ko Khram Noi เกาะครามน้อย 0.75 km north of Ko Khram's NE point 12°43′37″N 100°47′53″E / 12.727°N 100.798°E / 12.727; 100.798
Ko I Ra เกาะอีร้า 2.5 km southeast of Ko Khram's SE shore 12°40′34″N 100°49′23″E / 12.676°N 100.823°E / 12.676; 100.823[6]
Ko Klet Kaeo เกาะเกล็ดแก้ว 6.5 km northeast of Ko Khram's NE point,
close to the mainland shore
12°45′40″N 100°50′42″E / 12.761°N 100.845°E / 12.761; 100.845[7]
  • Not part of the group, Ko Rin (เกาะริน) is an island farther offshore, 11 km to the NW of Ko Khram's northernmost point.

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