Kochyerigin LBSh

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Role Light attack aircraft
National origin  Soviet Union
Designer Sergei Aleksandrovich Kochyerigin
Status prototype only
Number built 2

LBSh (Russian: ЛБШ, initially known simply as Ш, short for shturmovik) was a light ground attack aircraft (shturmovik) designed in 1939 by Sergei Aleksandrovich Kochyerigin.[1]

A low-wing monoplane with fixed undercarriage of mixed construction, the design proved underpowered, although decently armed.[1] Offensive armament included two ShVAK 20 mm autocannons in wing roots, two ShKAS machine guns in the wings and up to 600 kg of bombload.[1] Defensive armament consisted of one turret-mounted ShKAS machine gun firing rearwards.[1]

Only two prototypes were ever built: Sh-1 powered by Tumansky M-88 air-cooled radial engine and Sh-2 powered by earlier Tumansky M-87A.[1] Initially the Sh-1 was accepted by the Soviet aviation into serial production, but the decision was soon overturned and the Factory No. 292 was ordered to focus on Yatsenko I-28 and Yakovlev Yak-1 fighters instead.[1]

General characteristics Performance


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