Koichi Chigira

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Koichi Chigira
Born 1959
Kanagawa Prefecture
Occupation animator, director, writer
Years active 1979–present
Spouse(s) Chiaki Yuri
Children 1

Koichi Chigira (千明 孝一 Chigira Kōichi?, born 1959 in Kanagawa, Japan) is an anime director who has directed several anime series, usually working with GONZO studio and originally worked at Madhouse.[1] Chigira is known for directing Full Metal Panic and Last Exile. He also directed The Tower of Druaga: the Aegis of Uruk which aired from April 1, 2008, until June 20, 2008.


Chigira joined Tatsunoko Productions in 1979, working at the effects department. His first major work was as technical director on Venus Wars in 1989. Chigira later moved to the production department where he worked as a storyboard artist on Miracle Giants Dome-kun. Chigira moved to join Madhouse where he made his directorial debut in the OVA, Nineteen19 as well as Tokyo Babylon.

In the mid 1990s, he worked for many studios including Sunrise where he participated in several installment of the Gundam saga. In 1999, he joined Gonzo studio and worked on the Blue Submarine No. 6. He later directed Gate Keepers in 2000 and Full Metal Panic! 2001. Becoming a prominent member of the studio, he produced the acclaimed Last Exile and the film Brave Story.

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