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Kokal Barsin
Union council
Kokal Barsin is located in Abbottabad District
Kokal Barsin is located in Abbottabad District
Coordinates: 34°06′0″N 73°7′0″E / 34.10000°N 73.11667°E / 34.10000; 73.11667Coordinates: 34°06′0″N 73°7′0″E / 34.10000°N 73.11667°E / 34.10000; 73.11667
Country  Pakistan
Province Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa
District Abbottabad

Kokal Barsin is one of the 57 Union councils of Abbottabad District in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.[2] It is located in the west of the district, near the border with Haripur District. Kokal barsin village is itself the capital of this union council.


Sorounded by mountains, The main villages of this Union Council are KOKAL, Barsin, Dhobian, Sowlun, Bazmar, Marjan, Morra, Rehmanabad, Gujjal, and Jindakka. Kokal Barsin is famous for its high literacy rate.[citation needed] Barsin is a small village located in the center of the area while Kokal is the main Village of this area.Government High School Kokal is located in the middle of Kokal and Barsin. Village of Barsin is known for great sacrifices by its people for the welfare of local society. They donated land for infrastructure development and contributed politically. Kokal, although in the lead role in name of locality, yet played a very poor role for the unity and social welfare of area. Dhobian, although a small hamlet, has been on the fore front in all efforts for the development of whole council. Lacking in resources, the whole community is striking for a better future through improvement in education.


The village of Kokal Barsin was named after a Hindu Rani named Rani Kokalan. She was from the capital city Taxila but came to this mountainous area to be safe while her husband and the army were at war. The old fort is in ruins, but there are still some places that give hint of the past inhabitants. Many issues are there in this area like Roads, Water supply, Janaza gahha , Girls High School, and a Vocational Training Center for boys and girls.


Kokal Barsin lies 10 km to the north of Havelian City and some 8 km from Abbottabad University of science and Technology.


People of Kokal are most educated and serve as key players in different forces and departments. If you start counting them its very difficult to count them, still Maj.Gen Saeed Tanoli and R.Admiral Zahid Ilyas is serving in top forces ranks.