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Kokrobite is located in Ghana
Location in Ghana
Coordinates: 5°30′N 0°22′W / 5.500°N 0.367°W / 5.500; -0.367
Country Flag of Ghana.svg Ghana
Region Greater Accra Region

Kokrobite is a town along the Atlantic coast, 30 km (19 mi) to the west of Accra the capital city of Ghana. It is known for traditional sea fishing, its white-sand beaches and its lively nightlife. Kokrobite is a popular destination for tourists, backpackers and international volunteers seeking beaches and a break from the busy capital city.[1][citation needed]

Kokrobite has a population of between 4000 and 6000 according to the Ghana Statistics Department 2003 Survey. The main local dialect is Ga, but Twi and English are also widely spoken.

Kokrobite is home to the Ghanaian Headquarters of the international NGO Partner West Africa (PWA). PWA is a child rights and poverty reduction charity which is heavily involved in projects that support vulnerable children and community members throughout Kokrobite, currently operating 9 development programmes within Kokrobite and the surrounding villages including its Daycare & Nursery Centre for Vulnerable Children - a holistic care centre for many of the most vulnerable children from the 'Oshieye Fishing Community' in Kokrobite. Kokrobite is also home to PWA's international volunteering department and volunteering Guest House, known as 'Volunteer West Africa' (VWA) - which hosts numerous international volunteers each year[2] and which was founded by the Academic Matthew Craig, a leading voice in 'The Ethics of International Volunteering'.[3] PWA is well-integrated within the Kokrobite community, often hosting community events and local/national government and non-governmental partners to participate in development-led meetings and presentations on Kokrobite's behalf.[4]

Situated behind the Partner West Africa Compound, directly opposite the Volunteer West Africa volunteer Guest House, is the Cool Breeze Hotel.[5] An affordable but basic hotel offering around 16 bedrooms at reasonable rates.

The major destinations for tourists in Kokrobite are Big Milly's Backyard, a resort run since 1995, which has a Saturday night 'Reggae Night'[6] that attracts hundreds of tourists and locals each weekend, and Dizzy Lizzies, a cafe-come-night-spot that is popular for its continental food, local music and its friendly atmosphere,[7] and Kokrobite Gardens Restaurant (known locally as 'Franco's place'), which serves excellent Italian Food in a beautiful tropical garden setting known for its excellent atmosphere and friendly staff.[8] These businesses integrate well with the local community and are based on the seafront, generally providing a mix of tourists, souvenir traders and local community members and fishermen.

'Soon Come' Restaurant, Lodge and Entertainment Centre is located at the entrance to the main Kokrobite High Street (when travelling from 'Old Barrier' towards Kokrobite). There are also many other, smaller, local restaurants and road-side food traders offering traditional Ghanaian dishes and accommodation, such as Ocean View Garden Restaurant (known locally as 'Mary and Gloria's place') and Calabash (known locally as 'Mada's place'). Other attractions include the Academy of African Music and Arts (AAMA), which provides lodging, food and weekend dance and drumming shows.

Parts of Kokrobite beach can be dangerous at night, particularly the Eastern end of the beach, which sits far from the main beach bars and restaurants situated at the Western end of the beach, and therefore the area is quiet with few people and little lighting, so tourists are advised to beware of pickpockets and petty thieves after dark. At weekends, the Western end of the beach - where the majority of hotels, bars and restaurants mentioned above are situated - is usually very busy and well lit and therefore the majority of visitors can remain safely in that area. Fortunately, since the recent building of the local police station, and a number of initiatives by local businesses and NGOs, petty crime has considerably diminished, and during the day the beach and surrounding villages are very safe, friendly, and - due to Kokrobite's high attraction rates of tourists and visitors - the local community are very familiar with visitors from across the globe, often depending on them for business and income.

Year-round on weekends, and particularly on public holidays, people from all over Ghana descend on Kokrobite to enjoy food, dance and music on the beach. However, in the month of May local people observe the traditional festival of 'Homowo', during which time noise making and large social events are banned. So if you're looking to party in Kokrobite... come anytime but May!

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