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The Konica Cup was a football cup competition in Japan, run by the Japan Soccer League as a prelude to the 1992 Summer Olympics. Only JSL First Division clubs were allowed to compete. Along with the JSL Cup it was a predecessor to the J. League Cup, but also involving the Japanese Olympic and Youth teams. The J. League Cup would later copy the format of a cup having only top division teams. No draws were allowed, instead draws were settled by extra time and penalty kicks.


Yomiuri 5 ANA 0
Yamaha 2 Toshiba 0

Final: Yamaha Motor 1 Yomiuri 2


This season the Japanese youth team sat out.

Nissan Motors 0 Toyota Motor 2
JR Furukawa 0 Honda Motor 1

Final: Toyota Motor 6 (a.e.t.) Honda Motor 5