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Koppole is located in India
Location in India
Coordinates: 15°17′29″N 80°03′04″E / 15.2914°N 80.0510°E / 15.2914; 80.0510Coordinates: 15°17′29″N 80°03′04″E / 15.2914°N 80.0510°E / 15.2914; 80.0510
Country  India
 • Total 10,000
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 523287
Telephone code 08592

Koppole is a village in Ongole mandal, Prakasam district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.[1] It is 3 km from Ongole.


The village is surrounded by fertile farmlands. Irrigation depends largely on rainfall, although canals from the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam extend to this area and provide some supplementary water. Pulses (a type of bean) and tobacco are the principal crops. Due to the recent boom in real estate and government development projects, the farm lands in the 2 km stretch between the village and Ongole have been converted to housing, which has helped many families of the village to raise their economic status.

Like many other rural places in India, one of the major issues in the village is providing a sufficient amount of pure drinking water. Most of the villagers are dependent on a local pond. Due to population growth and increased per capita water use, the pond has been unable to support the needs of the village in recent years, and the villagers have turned to the canals. During summer and the rainy seasons, the water in the pond and canals becomes unfit to drink.


The TDP has been the dominant group in the area for many years. Due to abrupt changes in politics the new party YSRCP also proving its caliber and strengthening its cader in the common public.


The village has two government-funded high schools, which draw students from many neighboring villages.

  • Bezawada Sundara ramaiah upper primary High school
  • Radhakrishna Memorial High school


The village has 3 ancient temples and 2 newly constructed temples, 2 churches and one mosque.

"Sankranti" & "Vinayaka chaturdasi" are the famous festivals that are celebrated in this village. All the natives of Koppole village will head to Koppole those who were settled and scattered among all places in the country on the occasion of the Sankranti & Vinayaka chaviti festivals.