Korab Falls

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Korab Falls
Korab waterfall1.jpg
Korab Falls
LocationMount Korab,  Macedonia
Coordinates41°45′47.22″N 20°32′15.24″E / 41.7631167°N 20.5375667°E / 41.7631167; 20.5375667Coordinates: 41°45′47.22″N 20°32′15.24″E / 41.7631167°N 20.5375667°E / 41.7631167; 20.5375667

Korab Falls (also known as Proifel Falls) is a waterfall in the upper course of the Dlaboka River on Mount Korab. It forms in springtime from the melting snow on the east side of Mal Korab peak. The waterfall differs in height and intensity, depending on the season. It is the highest waterfall in Macedonia and the Balkan Peninsula.

There are different sources about the height of the waterfall, and the calculated drop varies from 100 to 138 m (328 to 453 ft). The exact height may differ in different points that are taken as its top and bottom, at different measurements. The upper point is at approximately 2,120 metres (6,960 ft) above sea level, and the lower is at around 1,990 metres (6,530 ft).

The highest water levels are in late May and early June, and afterwards the level drops throughout the summer. During very dry summers, the waterfall may dry out in late August and September.

The best track route to the waterfall is the one that leads through the river canyon. It can be accessed both from the left bank of the river through the villages of Nistrovo and Zuznje, or from the right bank from Bibaj, beneath Kabash Peak. The routes are poorly marked, covered with overgrowth, and there are several unsecured river crossings.[1]


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