Korea Ginseng Corporation

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Korea Ginseng Corporation
Revised RomanizationHanguk Insam Gongsa
McCune–ReischauerHanguk Tampae Insam Kongsa

KGC (originally Korea Ginseng Corporation, Korea Ginseng Corp. Korean : 한국인삼공사, Hanguk Insam Gongsa) is a ginseng company in South Korea. KGC's sales volume share was 35% of Korea's total herbal/traditional products market in 2011.[1]

KGC produces popular Korean Red Ginseng products such as Korean Red Giseng Heaven/Earth/Good, Korean Red Ginseng Extract, Korean Red Ginseng Powder, Honeyed Korean Red Ginseng Slices, Korean Red Ginseng Tonic, etc. It has expanded outside Korea, especially into the East Asian market like China and Taiwan.

KGC is a subsidiary company of KT&G, and its two headquarters are in Seoul and Daejeon.


KGC's brand of Korean Red Ginseng, CKJ, is known as Cheong-Kwan-Jang in Korea and overseas. This brand name goes back to the early 1940s. Because of increased export demand for Korean Red Ginseng at the end of the Japanese colonial period, many fake roots were prospering. To find a way to distinguish real ginseng, the Monopoly Bureau of the Japanese General Government began using the label "Cheong-Kwan-Jang," which is translated as "officially government approved."[2]

The sale of KGC was a government monopoly from 1899 to 1996. Since then, KGC has held its position at the top of the market, even though the name has changed from the Monopoly Bureau to Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation, and finally to KT&G subsidiary Korea Ginseng Corp.

KGC Global[edit]

KGC products are now exported to over 40 countries. KGC also has overseas branches in the USA, China, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia.


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