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Market Square
Market Square
Flag of Korfantów
Coat of arms of Korfantów
Coat of arms
Korfantów is located in Poland
Coordinates: 50°30′N 17°36′E / 50.500°N 17.600°E / 50.500; 17.600
Country  Poland
Voivodeship Opole
County Nysa
Gmina Korfantów
 • Mayor Zdzisław Martyna
 • Total 10.22 km2 (3.95 sq mi)
Elevation 203 m (666 ft)
Population (2015)
 • Total 1,857[1]
 • Density 181.5/km2 (470/sq mi)
Postal code 48-317
Website Official Website

Korfantów [kɔrˈfantuf] (German: Friedland in Oberschlesien) is a town in the Opole Voivodeship of Poland, with 1,857 inhabitants (2015). It is named after Wojciech Korfanty.


Korfantów is located in the Niemodlin Plain (Równina Niemodlińska), in the historical region of Silesia. The total area inside the town's boundary is 10,23 km².[2]


The former name for the settlement was Hurtlanth or Hurthland. Other documents relate to the town as: Fredland, Fredelant, Fredlandt, Fridland, Freijland, Stadt Friedland and Friedland. Over time, the locality's Polish name was remodelled to its German counterpart, and was namely referred to as: Ferląd, Ferlondt, Frydląd, Fryląd, and most commonly as Fyrląd. After World War II, due to the town's German etymology, the settlement was renamed after Wojciech Korfanty.[3]


Korfantów city budget income sources as of 2015.

In the interwar period, there were 152 registered businesses in Korfantów, namely: services, trade and food production. After World War II, the town lost its former importance as the agricultural centre in the Nysa County. This was largely the effect of: war losses, requisitioning, plunder, the Red Army's war commissar's rule over the locality, as well as poor political decisions. The regime of the Polish People's Republic caused much impoverishment and financial instability, therefore, it was not until the reintroduction of the free market in 1989 that economic growth began to return. As of 2015, 52% of the Gmina Korfantów populous lives off the agricultural sector.[4][5]

Notable residents[edit]


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Coordinates: 50°29′N 17°36′E / 50.483°N 17.600°E / 50.483; 17.600